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Jun 12

Setup Authentication in NextJS App Router Using Next-Auth and Prisma

Signin with google with new NextJS App Router using Next-Auth and Prisma

Mar 25

Django show readonly field

Add readonly field in Django admin, django does not show readonly fields by default.

Feb 22

Twitter Snowflake for Generating Unique IDs in Distributed Systems

Delve into the Snowflake algorithm by Twitter for generating unique IDs in distributed systems and understand its significance.


Jul 20

System Design Basics

Learn the basics of system design.

Jul 19

Millions of Users and Above

Scale your applications to handle millions of users without compromising on performance.

Jul 18

Database Scaling

Prepare your databases for growth with effective scaling techniques that ensure performance and stability.

Jul 17

Logging, Metric, and Automation

Fine-tune your application's performance and reliability with advanced techniques in logging, metrics, and automation.

Jul 16

Message Queue

Implement message queues in your systems to enable reliable, asynchronous processing and communication.

Jul 15

Data Centers

Explore the backbone of the internet by delving into the world of data centers and their operations.

Jul 14

Stateless Web Tier

Explore the benefits and implementation of a stateless web tier for scalable and resilient web applications.

Jul 13

Content Delivery Network

Understand the mechanics of a Content Delivery Network and its role in delivering content at lightning speeds.

Jul 12


Dive into caching mechanisms to speed up system performance and user experience.

Jul 11

Data Replication

Dive into the strategies of data replication to ensure data durability and high availability.

Jul 10

Load Balancer

Delve into load balancing technology to distribute network traffic for optimal resource use and performance.

Jul 09


Explore strategies for scaling your business or technology stack to handle growth while maintaining quality and efficiency.

Jul 08


Understand the fundamentals and advanced concepts of databases to enhance your data management skills.

Jul 07

Single Server Setup

Establish a solid foundation for system design with a single server setup.

May 17

Git Cheatsheet

Common git commands for daily use

Jan 30

Top 20 Component Libraries that Devs can use for Pixel Perfect Designs

Top design system component libraries that developers can use for pixel perfect development.


Jul 03

Django automatic date time fields - created_on and updated_on

Automatically handling date and time fields

May 21

How to come out of mediocrity?

Surpass the average and achieve greatness with actionable step to leave mediocrity behind.

May 20

Alternate text for Background Images

Add alternate text to Background Images for accessibility purposes

May 15

Hide Password from Django Serializer when using Depth

Hide password or sensitive information when using Django depth functionality in Django Rest Framework Serializer.

May 14

VS Code show function keys in MacBook touch bar

Customize your VS Code experience by displaying function keys on your MacBook's Touch Bar.

May 13

Show component in development and not in production

Show and hide component based on environment in React or Next.js

May 04

Swap two, three of more values in JavaScript

Best and easiest way to swap two, three of more values in JavaScript.


Sep 23

Set Corporate Proxy on NPM

Configure your NPM to work seamlessly behind a corporate proxy with practical setup guide.

Aug 12

Make a Material table header fix

Learn how to fix headers in material tables for a seamless user experience.

Apr 21

Django, Celery, Redis and Flower

A step-by-step guide to wiredup Django, Celery, Redis and Flower

Apr 03

Angular and Django integration into one project

Integration of Angular into legacy Django project instead of starting the whole project from scratch.

Jan 23

Favourite Links, Blogs and Podcasts

Discover a treasure trove of educational and inspirational resources curated for the curious mind.


May 02

11 tips to improve notifications

Elevate your app's user engagement with strategic improvements to your notification system.


Sep 22

Learnings - 2018

Gain valuable corporate wisdom from the key takeaways of 2018 with our reflective guide.

Sep 22


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