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if you spend too long not letting yourself be creative, you can literally start feeling sick, you were born to create, let it flow, do not overthink it ; it is important to remember that we are all imperfect and that we all live through the limited perspective of ego.


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harm another is to harm oneself

before i could release the weight of my sadness and pain, i first had to honour its existence

three things make life harder: not loving yourself refusing to grow not letting go

before we can heal and let go, what ails us deeply must first come to the surface

spent so much time creating versions of myself that were far from the truth, characters i would perform depending on who was around

don’t run away from heavy emotions honour the anger; give pain the space it needs to breathe this is how we let go

when the body is tired the mind will often create worries to focus on

ask yourself often: am i observing the situation accurately or am i projecting how i feel onto what is happening?

seeing yourself through honesty can be jarring and tough; it can even temporarily cause imbalance in your life

it is hard work to open yourself up to release your burdens

some people hit rock bottom before they change themselves drastically because at that distance they can best see who they really want to be

ego is self-doubt self-hatred anxiety narcissism fear of others harshness impatience a lack of compassion and illusions

ego sees problems consciousness sees solutions

ego is not just the idea that we are better and more important than others; it most often arises in the form of fear-driven emotions that grip our mind when we no longer believe ourselves capable of great things, when we look down on ourselves and treat ourselves harshly.

ego makes us see the world through fearful illusions; it makes us give the same punishing treatment we give ourselves to other people.

ego is a cloud that surrounds consciousness and disturbs its clarity. when we grow our self-love, our ego diminishes; when we purify ourselves and let go of mental burdens, the ego loses its power.

as we learn to heal ourselves, we do not hate our ego, nor do we become complacent with the limitations it imposes on our lives. the highest happiness, the deepest sense of freedom, an unshakeable peace is possible when the ego no longer reigns, when the love of consciousness can flow without interruption.

what is happening within us will reveal itself in the energy of our actions and words

if we examine nature, it is clear that everything is in a constant state of dynamic change.

trees are a great example: in cycles they alternate from experiences of growth to experiences of releasing, all the while alive, all the while growing. if we are refusing to grow, then we are moving against the flow of nature; the flow of change is so powerful that resisting it can only cause difficulty.

sometimes growth hurts, but it is the type of pain that is easier to endure because it is helping us come forward as a better version of ourselves.

the greatest gift sadness gave me was the motivation to transform

do not let a cloudy mind trick you into doing things you are done with

the most widespread affliction that people suffer from is a lack of belief in their own power

to be so broken to have fallen so deeply that the only thing you can do is rise into a new you

make your growth sustainable by moving at a pace that is challenging but not overwhelming

there is a tendency to doubt your growth in the midst of a big leap forward; hold steady and allow yourself to bloom

i do not wish to change the past it made me who i am today i only want to learn from it and live in a new way

letting go doesn’t mean forgetting; it means we stop carrying the energy of the past into the present

healing begins with acceptance and culminates in letting go.

when a great misery occurs, it remains with us for as long as we hold on to it. attachments form because of the energy we use to keep what happened, or the image of what we want to happen, locked away within our mind and body—this is the cause of tension in our being.

ask yourself: is this worry real or is my mind just looking for something to grab onto?

the mind is a series of patterns if we wish to change ourselves we should create new habits when we build new habits we are creating a new life

a body is a field of moving energy and a system of information. as life continues its fluctuations, we tend to gather attachments, burdens, and sorrows. we hold them so tightly that they become embedded in the body, causing blockages and disruptions in the flow of our system, which can limit access to the best possible version of ourselves—this sometimes manifests as ailments or disease as well as a lack of belief in our own power and a lack of understanding of the universe.

if you spend too long not letting yourself be creative you can literally start feeling sick you were born to create let it flow, do not overthink it

never forget the ones who saw greatness in you even in your darkest moments

where do good decisions come from? a calm mind

how can you measure your peace? by how calm you stay during a storm

how do you know if you are attached to something? because it creates tension in your mind

where are the greatest revolutions fought and won? in the heart

do you know why you are powerful? because you can change the future

partner who supports your dreams and your healing is a priceless gem, a heaven in human form

much of my confusion and sadness came from being disconnected from myself. the greatest journey i have taken so far is the one where i ended the alienation between me and all that i am, the one where i connected my light and my darkness, where i united what i wanted to know with what i did not want to face. only through this union and truthfulness did i begin to feel at home within my own being.

being honest about what we feel, while remaining calm and aware, is the real work

there is great power in honouring the reality of our current emotions—not feeding them or making them worse but simply recognizing that this is what has arisen in this present moment and that this will also change. when we create this space within ourselves—a space of calmness that is undisturbed by the storm—the storm tends to pass more quickly.

who i am, is always changing, not because i am being fake but because i am always open to growth and transformation

dear moon, thank you for shedding light in the darkness, for helping me know myself better than before, for giving time and magic to the earth and order to our nightly stars. you are a mother who sees all, knows all, and asks for nothing in return.

trust the ones who are always seeking to grow

love began when we both stopped expecting and instead focused on giving

though most of us are far from having fully liberated minds, it is always worth understanding that giving is one of the most powerful forces we can set in motion, that through giving we not only support those around us but also wisely follow the law of nature—everything we do will ultimately come back to us in some form or another. if everyone focuses on giving, we will each receive more.

people who truly know and love themselves cannot be hateful toward other people

when we decide to dive deep within ourselves, we set in motion the miracle of personal evolution

we observe ourselves, we accept what we find without judgment, we let it go, and the actual release causes our transformation.

whatever calms and concentrates the mind causes the purifying release of old burdens that weigh us down. one can be successful with simple inward observation, but when we observe ourselves through proven healing techniques, including different forms of meditation and practices of yoga asanas, among many other things, we accelerate the process of change.

when things get tough, remember that we are not building something small, we are building a palace of peace within our own hearts. it takes determination and effort to complete something of such beauty and magnitude.

when you want to change yourself, do not change everything at once. pick a few things to focus on first. setting yourself up for success is key.

being consistent with a few changes, applying them in your life until they become integrated as new positive habits, helps you build a strong foundation for future transformations.

setting yourself up for victory helps you build momentum; it makes the consistency required to achieve greater goals in the future much more attainable.

letting go does not mean that we forget, and it does not mean that we give up. it just means that we are not letting our present happiness be determined by things that happened in the past or by things we wish to happen in the future.

am making more time for the people who make me want to be the best version of myself

it is the things you say no to that really show your commitment to your growth

when chaos is all around you the wisest choice is to create peace within you

your peace shines outward and supports the creation of a new harmony

what does it mean to love yourself? it means to uncover and release whatever keeps you from true happiness; to love, honor, and accept every single part of you, especially those that are kept in the dark. it means to observe yourself continually with the utmost honesty and without judgment. loving yourself means striving to reach new heights of self-understanding so as to cultivate the wisdom that inner peace requires.

do not confuse self-love with thinking that you’re better than everyone else

true self-love is accepting yourself for all that you are, especially the darkest parts

loving who we currently are and simultaneously transforming into the ideal version of ourselves.

love is not: i will give this to you if you do this for me

love is: i will give this to you so that you may shine

love cannot cause pain; attachments cause pain. we create attachments in our mind when we want to hold on to something or someone, or when we expect things to be a certain way. when the attachments that we create in our minds break, we feel their rupture deeply.

peace makes you strong hate reveals your emptiness kindness feeds your happiness anger reveals your fear love makes you free

how to lead yourself:

  1. develop a relationship with your intuition
  2. have the courage to follow its guidance

i can only understand the world as much as i understand myself

wholeness is when lies no longer stand between you and yourself

we create nonexistent competitions in our minds when we get carried away by the delusions of ego.

the hierarchical conditioning of society combined with our attachment to “i,” “me,” and “my” creates a scenario in which only a few can succeed.

love teaches us that we are here not to compete but to support each other’s growth and happiness.

repeat daily: notice the stories you hold in your mind let go of the ones that cause tension

sometimes people are simply meant to teach you how not to act in the future

everyone is a teacher, but that does not mean everyone is correct.

just because someone was wrong once, it doesn’t mean they are going to be wrong forever.

it is important to remember that we are all imperfect and that we all live through the limited perspective of ego.

striving to learn as much as we can from one another without making harsh and permanent judgments is a sign of wisdom.

part of being human is having opportunities to give and receive forgiveness

giving yourself the space and time to respond instead of reacting blindly is an important way to reclaim your power

the body knows what it requires; listen to it—not the cravings of the mind but the needs of the body— let it guide you into well-being

when the mind feels wild and cloudy, it may be that something from deep within has come to the surface, an old burden seeking release. breathe, relax, and let it go.

observe. accept. release. transform.

because being calm in the midst of chaos is a sign of true power.


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